the company

Design Consulting is a well-established service provider for automotive design and engineering. Our main competences are the complete processing of design projects from sketch to prototyping, as well as being a major recruiting agent for the automotive design sector. The DC Group has dependencies in Germany, UK, USA and Australia and is currently employing 340 people worldwide.

Many years of experience and a skilled team make us a trustworthy partner of major OEM clients. Our recruiting agency is providing CAD/CAS/VR designers, clay and hard modelers as well as product- or color and material designers. Parallel we are taking on complete projects and tasks of the design field in general.

With our partner company Creative Wave GmbH in Dachau we have all resources to build functional prototypes, complete showcars or quick designmodels.


Well-known companies of the automotive- and product industry are our clients since many years.

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